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In 2013, Lake Bluff School District 65 adopted a new Strategic Plan that outlines a bold vision for the future of the District. A result of nine months of community engagement, the Plan provides a framework for future decision-making that builds upon a common mission, vision, and guiding principles held by the District community. 

Outlines of the four Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives, and how they will be measured

Click Here>> for specifics of how Goal One: Maximize the academic achievement and personal growth of each student will be achieved  (39 page pdf)

Click Here>> for specifics of how Goal Two: Optimize the teaching and learning environment will be achieved  (32 page pdf)

Click Here>> for specifics of how Goal Three: Ensure long-term fiscal stability and efficiency will be achieved  (21 page pdf)>>

Click Here>> for specifics of how Goal Four: Engage all stakeholders through effective communication and collaboration will be achieved (39 page pdf)

Board Update on Goal 4 - June 2014 Click Here>> (10 page pdf)

Approved Strategic Plan

Click Here>> for the approved Strategic Plan, which includes Goals and Objectives as set by the Board of Education (23 page pdf)

How the process worked

Phase I: Approximately 200 total participants in 23 focus groups were interviewed in November 2012, including students, parents, employees and members of the larger community. Surveys collected into January were similarly extensive, capturing essential feedback on the District’s present condition and future direction from 521 participants in total, a broad cross-section of District 65 stakeholders from among parents, employees, and the community at large.

Phase II: Stakeholder input was converted into data on what stakeholders care about and their beliefs regarding the future of education in Lake Bluff -- and the Board used that data to set the District's Mission, Vision and Principles and Objectives.
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 for Supporting Evidence for Phases I and II (30 page pdf)

Phase III: The Board then turned the process over to District administrators, who guided the development of the implementation plan, which is Phase III of the Strategic Plan process.

Over 80 community members, parents, staff and administrators and were invited to provide input for the Phase III Strategic Plan work. In August 2013, approximately 40 members of the Lake Bluff learning community gathered and worked all day to provide input on each of the four goals established during Phases I and II, as well as to discuss and engage in conversations around the objectives. This was invigorating work and is much appreciated by the Board and administration.  The Administrative Team then expanded on these goals and metrics to make them even more meaningful and to ensure minimal overlap, and administrators and community members presented their recommendations to the Board of Education.

Here>> for a chart of the three phases of the Strategic Planning Process (one page pdf)

A living document
This Strategic Plan is designed to be a living document. This means that there will be regular reports to the Board on progress toward meeting these goals. Each year, a final year-end report will target additional objectives that may need to be added, and any other objectives or metrics that may need to be changed. All of the work of the District will stay focused on these actions.  

Thanks to the staff, parents, community members and Goal Team members who participated in this process. The education of our Lake Bluff 65 students, the safety and well-being of students and staff, and the running of a fiscally responsible school district that is an important community participant are vital to our energized, successful community.  

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