Standards Based Reporting

Standards Based Reporting improves student learning by shifting the focus away from earning points to a focus on learning and working towards mastery of standards. When we instruct and report in a standards based way we are communicating with more clarity than traditional grading practices could ever achieve.

It’s important to note that Standards Based Reporting is not the only thing that will have a positive impact on student learning. The core instructional practices behind SBR are what will help students grow as they demonstrate what they know, understand and can do.

Update: 6/26/18
Much of what you may be wondering can be found in our FAQ page:

Frequently asked questions about Standards Based Reporting


Standards Based Reporting Infographic

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This page is designed to inform visitors about the work Lake Bluff School District 65 educators and leaders are engaged in surrounding Standards Based Reporting. It will include research, implementation updates, and more. 

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