LBMS Award Ceremony - 5-31-13
Student Achievements Recognized

Congratulations to the following students:

American Legion School Award, presented by Mr. Carl Schons of American Legion Post 510: Distinguished Achievement – Thomas Block; Certificate of Honorable Mention –Hannah Dove

D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award, presented by Mrs. Patricia Cork: Morgan Asmussen and Brian Sullivan 

Dr. Edward S. Noyes Excellence in Education Award, presented by Dr. Edward Noyes: Zachary Boveri, Hannah Dove, Kallin Hermann and Carolyn Pigg

Floyd l. Weshinskey Award for Scholastic Achievement, presented by Mr. Blackmer:  TJ Dasso,  HannahDove, Nick Gulson, Jake Hardy, Kallin Hermann, Sarah Kuetemeyer, Megan McCabe and Michelle Thunder

Robert W. Rolek Community Citizenship Award, presented by Mrs. Joanna Rolek:  Linnea Sampson

Kathleen O’Hara Community Leadership Award, presented by Ms. Kathleen O’Hara: Elyse Jacobs

Lake County Excellence in Character Award, presented by Mr. Blackmer: Jake Hardy

Ann Staranowicz Award for Creative Writing, presented by Mrs. Groth & Mr. Witz: Hannah Dove, Hannah Bell and Carolyn Pigg

Spelling Award,presented by Ms. Smith:  Finn Michaelis, School Champion and JR Naughton, Runner Up

Mathematics Award, presented by Mrs. Komac: Hannah Dove

Science Award, presented by Mrs. Cuarto: Catherine Slaughter

8th Grade National Science League Award, presented by Mrs. Cuarto: Toby Frost (medal), Catie Slaughter, Nick Gulson, Kallin Hermann, Jack McGlynn, TJ Dasso, Michelle Thunder, Cameron Litzsinger, Landon Kerouac, Will Everett, Alex Rodriguez

7th Grade National Science League Award, presented by Mr. DeYoung: Katy Wicks (medal), Indira Roy, Tiffany Duong, Rebecca Guo, Max Giangiorgi, Cari Rhoades, Ali Jackson, Ben Streightiff, Finn Michaelis, Emmet Winter

6th Grade National Science League Award, presented by Mrs. Bailey: Fiona Nugent (medal), Aidan Block, Jake Twichell, Will Granda, Emma Johnson, Mattison Boveri, Mia Bellino, Nick Cervac, Jake Koefelda, Ben Sebolt

Social Studies Award, presented by Mrs. Crall: Anna Manning and Michelle Thunder

Geography Bee Award, presented by Ms. Smith: Sam Daly

Foreign Language Award, presented by Mrs. Ogren  and Mrs. Szostak: Spanish – Sarah Kuetemeyer and Anthony Ferretti; French – JakeWolff

Chorus (Bel Canto) Award, presented by Ms. Cvitkovic: Emily Lacey and Cailie Dapier

Outstanding Achievement in the Vocal Music Department Award: Julia Frank, Ashlynne Pomerich, Ben Cvijovic, Alex Habjan, and Brian Sullivan

Band (Bach) Award, presented by Mr. Beese: Carolyn Pigg and Tommy Block

Band Outstanding Achievement Award: Josephine Annin and Parker Mercado

Music Department Award, presented by Ms. Cvitkovic & Mr. Beese: Landon Kerouac

Outstanding Achievement in Band and Chorus Award: Anthony Ferretti

Jane Kearns Art Department Award, presented by Mrs. Engel-Julian: Hannah Dove and Kallin Hermann

Drama Award, presented by Mrs. Olmstead: Alex Habjan and Brian Sullivan 

Ferris Sportsmanship Award, presented by Mrs. Buksa: Cailin Dapier

Rosenthal Sportsmanship Award, presented by Mr. Williams: Kiefer Surkamer

John O. Stevens Award, presented by Mr. Williams & Mrs. Buksa: Hannah Bell and TJ Dasso

Bobcat Award, presented by Mrs. Quick: Mia Lanzillotti

President’s Award for Academic Excellence, presented by Mr. Blackmer: Josephine Annin, Morgan Asmussen, Alison Badger, Thomas Block, Eileen Brady, TJ Dasso, Hannah Dove, Nicholas Gulson, Jake Hardy, Kallin Hermann, Sarah Kuetemeyer, Cameron Litzsinger, Megan McCabe, Carolyn Pigg, Michelle Thunder and Jake Wolff

President’s Award for Volunteer Service, presented by Mr. Blackmer: Alison Badger, Eileen Brady, Jake Hardy, Andre Josephitis, Megan McCabe, Stephanie Read and Vivienne Read

Perfect Attendance, presented by Mr. Blackmer: 6th Grade (one year) – Kevin An, Dominick Keating, Kevin Ocampo, Nina Richardson; 7th Grade (one year) –Eleanor Asma, Charles Capp, Trinity Garcia, Emily Gorczynski, Gabe Martinez, Dimi Schweitzer; (2 years) – Rebecca Guo, Ben Streightiff, Camille Valentincic; 8th Grade (one year )– Hannah Dove, Anthony Ferretti, Toby Frost; (3years) – Isaac Ramirez

Merit Award, presented by Mr. Blackmer: 6th Grade – Nina Montalbano, Kathryn Pierce and Ben Sebolt; 7th Grade – Ali Jackson and William Woidat; 8thGrade – Alison Badger and Jenelle Frevert

Honor Roll:  8 Terms – Josephine Annin, Morgan Asmussen, Alison Badger, Hannah Bell, Tommy Block, Eileen Brady, Blake Colquhoun, TJ Dasso, Hannah Dove, Ashley Dueringer, William Everett, Anthony Ferretti, Jenelle Frevert, Nicholas Gulson, Jake Hardy, Daniel Hart, Kallin Hermann, Elyse Jacobs, Jeff Kitzerow, Abby Kocourek, Sarah Kuetemeyer, Emily Lacey, Cameron Litzsinger, Megan McCabe, Parker Mercado, Meghan McGrail, MollyPearson, Carolyn Pigg, Daria Pyshnenko, Stephanie Read, Alex Rodriguez, Catherine Slaughter, Michelle Thunder, Cameron Twichell and Jake Wolff;  7 Terms – Nicole Diez, Tobias Frost, Daria Gendek, Nina Gendek, Olivia Lomax, Anna Manning, Parker Martin and Kiefer Surkameraz; 6 Terms – Gwen Driscoll, Faith Fietsam, Alex Habjan, Dominique Hance, Grace Horan, Landon Kerouac, Kerry Lawler, Paige LeClercq, Maggie Myles, Gabrielle Queen, Vivienne Read and Jenna Spanswick


Also recognized were teachers who have achieved milestones in their careers. Honorees were:

5 Years: Mrs. Carly Quick and Ms. Allison Fink

10 Years: Mrs. Ana Dunn, Mr. Dan Witz and Mrs. Judy Gross

15 Years: Mrs. Marsha Crall, Ms. Ann Cvitkovic, Mrs. Jane Twohig and Mrs. Mary Westre

35 Years: Mrs. Doreen Buksa

In addition, it was announced that the seventh grade Children’s Book Project has been renamed to honor the memory of Marcy Lynn Chesin and her 26-year commitment to teaching and inspiring students at Lake Bluff Middle School. A newly installed bench in front of the school has been dedicated to Mrs. Chesin to serve as a reminder of her tremendous contributions to the Lake Bluff Middle School community.