Catch the Spirit - Math Common Core Standards
Math Specialist Janis Heigl
Janis Heigl

Catch the Spirit  of the new Math Common Core State Standards and Practices
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012
6:30 PM
Lake Bluff Elementary School

Come and Catch the Spirit of the new Common Core State Standards and Practices with Math Specialist, Janis Heigl. Parents will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the new math CCSS, the PARRC's Assessment Consortium, and how these new Math standards and practices are impacting classroom instruction, as well as how they are being implemented in our 21 st century classrooms through our Bridges and Agile Mind curricula. Kindergarten through eighth grade parents will certainly enjoy the time spent with Janis as everyone begins to Catch the Spirit!

For forty-one years, math specialist Janis Heigl has been setting educational standards at their highest. Janis has worked with educators throughout the United States and Internationally. She is currently utilizing her many skills by teaming up with School Districts to implement the new Common Core State Standards and Practices in Math. Janis was recently awarded the Washington Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's Life Long Learner Award.